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Celebrating International Women's Day
I first learned about International Women's Day while living in Moscow. The International Women's Club hosted an all-day symposium featuring prominent members of a variety of organizations. We heard from a member of the Duma, an Ambassador, and other women who lead and work to make the world a better place to live. Originally a Russian holiday celebrated on March 19, IWD is now recognized by the United Nations and celebrated around the world on March 8 to honor the achievements of women, whether in the home, on the road, in a building, or on a playing field.

The cut paper art form (called Assemblage) is an art form I've practiced for more than a year. These hands represent women I've met in all the places I've lived. My first published illustration was a digitized assemblage inside the back cover of our local Live Poets Society Anthology 2010, viewable via a short video clip on my website.

Feel free to give this image to women you admire. I just did!
 IWD assemblage ANT2011


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